Magdalen reading

July 28,2009. (Tucson, AZ)

Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have been so loyal over the years. The last two years have been very harsh on many small business, especially ones in the "superfluous" industries. It has been hard on us, too. Now we must close and leave you for a time. With a little luck we will be back in the future.

Chivalry Sports is now closed. We are no longer taking orders. All outstanding orders will be shipped during the next 10 days. Since we are closing, we will be running all the credit cards as of today. If there is any problem with your card or with a backorder we will call you. We are closing, not dissappearing, so we will make sure you get your order. You can still reach us by phone at 1-800-730-KING if necessary and you can email us at It may take a while for email to reach us since we will be without computers for a few days while we move.

We will be posting our article archives online and continuing our newsletter with information on fairs and SCA wars after we have the computers up. If you would like to receive the newsletter you can sign-up by registering under "Guests and Members" above left. We will notify you of any changes in our status in the future. The website is still browsable for a time but some of the products are not visible anymore. Even though you can put products into a shopping basket, you won't be able to check out.

Thank you and love to all,
Gael Stirler CEO of Chivalry Sports (nom de plume Laura of Locksley,
SCA Mistress Dairine mor o'uHigin, OL)